Milano's reflections

This is retrospective post for my visit to Milano in May. As it was a short visit, I decided to travel light and take X-Pro2 (my favourite) with three compact "Fujicron" lenses - 23, 35 and 50mm - all f2, and XT-2 with 10-24mm f4 zoom and 8mm f2 Samyang fisheye for architectural shots. All nicely packed into the new 20l Peak-Design backpack. The latter was improved by taking out couple of lower intersections and putting in a Billingham Hadley Small insert, facing the side of the backpack, instead. The abundancy of photo opportunities in Milano is overwhelming (street, architecture, reflections) therefore shooting something that has not been photographed before is almost impossible. But then a rain fall comes and it changes everything... as the saying goes: "bad weather makes good pictures" - or least provides for some great photo opportunites. So here is my small selection of shots, indoors and outdoors, street and reflections of Milano as I saw it.
As for lens usage - 35mm f2 was my clear favourite, 8mm lens was used most for indoors as 10-24 is often not wide and not bright enough. I used it more often on a tripod (Gitzo 1542T) with RRS BH-30LR II ball head outdoors. My biggest surprise was to find out how good the 23mm f2 lens is. It is a gem and although it is not my favourite focal length I will use it more often from now.

Post-editing was done in Lightroom 6 using Fujifilm Classic Chrome profile with some further adjustments. BW conversion - with Nik's SilverEfex. Click on any image to adjust it to your screen size.

Winter lights with X-Pro2

Winter is over and the spring light is back in force, so here is a mixture of London's winter low light or rather night shots which were done mostly (except for Kew Gardens' Christmas lights) on my way back home from work. Most of the shots were made with Fujifilm X-Pro2 combined with 35mm (f1.4 or f2) and 16-55mm f2.8 lenses, the latter using a Gitzo tripod. The X-Pro2 sensor has a great dynamic range and all lenses handle tricky light very well. Despite having X-T2s bodies, which come in handy for architecture shots and landscape shots, I find myself having the X-Pro2 in my bag every day with the 35mm f1.4 attached and the 35mm f2 lens as a spare for rain shots. The new 35mm f2 WR is a great versatile lens, but the old original f1.4 glass is still my favourite by far. As usual post-editing was done in Iridient Developer and Lightroom 6. Click or tap on any image to adjust it to your screen size.

Night London with Fujifilm XF 56mm f1.2 lens

I have been shooting with wonderful Fuji X cameras for three years now, starting from the day I bought X-Pro1. My preferred style often includes lenses longer than 35mm and 50mm and living in London with all those night lights around me I was very happy to finally get the bright highly acclaimed 56mm F1.2 Fujinon lens. Here are a few shots from my first "night out".  All shots were made by using XT-1 body with vertical grip and 56mm f1.2 lens which feels just right in my hands. RAW (RAF) files were edited in Lightroom 6 using Classic Chrome film preset with slight alterations. 

f2 1/50 iso 1600

f1.2 1/110 iso 400

f1.4 1/250 iso 1250

f2.5 1/125 iso 800

f1.4 1/250 iso 800

Some of my images are blends of three high quality (set to Fine) jpg files obtained by ISO bracketing. I find this way perfect to provide an exellent latitude of image information and quick and easy to use when you have to move and take your pictures fast without a tripod (e.g. on a very busy Oxford Street).  Using the XT-1 camera makes it a breathe with a simple manual switch to bracket and emulating Classic Chrome film for jpgs allows for a wonderful colour palette. Images were fused in Photomatix software and the resulting tif files were finished off in Lightroom 6. 

f2.8 1/60 iso 640

f2.8 1/125 iso 1600

f1.2 1/125 iso 640

f1.4 1/60 iso 320

Overall, the Fujifilm X-T1 and 56mm f1.2 lens combination is perfect for night street shooting. The further reach allows you to get closer to reflections in the middle and/or on the other side of the street. This lens will definitely stay in my street photography bag now.