Chris & Leroy's wedding

The last few months were busy with travel and work, so it is time to blog again. A while ago I was asked to photograph my friends Chris and Leroy's wedding, which I agreed to do happily. And so back in September I took my Fuji X cameras (two XT2 bodies) with 35mm f2 and f1.4, 50mm f2 and 56mm f1.2 and had a fantastic day and experience of shooting the whole wedding. Here is a small selection, which reflects the day as a story in my head. I also had X100f with me but barely used it as 23mm (35mm in FF) is just not my focal length. Before the day I covered as much as I could on wedding photography resources, but my main aim was to try to capture those unstaged  and unplanned moments, which can build up the emotional memory of the day. All shots were made with available light and manual focusing, using f2 lenses during the day and switching to f1.2 and f1.4 lenses in the evening. I do not need to write here how fantastic Fujifilm X cameras are for documentary wedding style so I will leave the images to speak for themselves. As for myself - I had a very emotional and educational day behind the lens with every minute of it being fantastic. Thank you Chris and Leroy for trusting me with your big day!  Andro  
P.S.  Click on any image to adjust it to your screen size.

Night London with Fujifilm XF 56mm f1.2 lens

I have been shooting with wonderful Fuji X cameras for three years now, starting from the day I bought X-Pro1. My preferred style often includes lenses longer than 35mm and 50mm and living in London with all those night lights around me I was very happy to finally get the bright highly acclaimed 56mm F1.2 Fujinon lens. Here are a few shots from my first "night out".  All shots were made by using XT-1 body with vertical grip and 56mm f1.2 lens which feels just right in my hands. RAW (RAF) files were edited in Lightroom 6 using Classic Chrome film preset with slight alterations. 

f2 1/50 iso 1600

f1.2 1/110 iso 400

f1.4 1/250 iso 1250

f2.5 1/125 iso 800

f1.4 1/250 iso 800

Some of my images are blends of three high quality (set to Fine) jpg files obtained by ISO bracketing. I find this way perfect to provide an exellent latitude of image information and quick and easy to use when you have to move and take your pictures fast without a tripod (e.g. on a very busy Oxford Street).  Using the XT-1 camera makes it a breathe with a simple manual switch to bracket and emulating Classic Chrome film for jpgs allows for a wonderful colour palette. Images were fused in Photomatix software and the resulting tif files were finished off in Lightroom 6. 

f2.8 1/60 iso 640

f2.8 1/125 iso 1600

f1.2 1/125 iso 640

f1.4 1/60 iso 320

Overall, the Fujifilm X-T1 and 56mm f1.2 lens combination is perfect for night street shooting. The further reach allows you to get closer to reflections in the middle and/or on the other side of the street. This lens will definitely stay in my street photography bag now.