Hyde Park Winter Wonderland with Fuji X-T1

At Christmas a large part of Hyde Park was converted into an amusement park - Winter Wonderland.  So what will a kid with a camera do?  Yep, go and have some fun. Here are a few photos taken at the park at night with long-ish exposures to get some light/movement sense or presence. Those from above were taken from the observation wheel. All but one (the last one) were taken with Fuji X-T1 and 18-55mm f2.8-4.0 which has an impressive image stabilisation - all shots were taken handheld. The last image was made with X100T 23mm lens.

18mm f8.0 iso 200 1/4

18mm f8.0 iso 1600 1/60

25.4mm f9.0 iso 200 1/4

18mm f5.0 iso 200 1/15

20.5mm f8.0 iso 200 1/125

32mm f8.0 iso 200 1/8

18mm f9.0 iso 250 1/8

18mm f14.0 iso 200 1/4

23mm f5.6 iso 1600 1/60