Greece, May 2016

Hello and thank you for visiting. I love exploring both nature and the world and travel whenever I can to see places I have never been to, or to see my favourite places in a new way. A few years ago I decided to take a couple of cameras with me on a mountain trekking trip to Iceland and Greenland and that experience kickstarted my passion for both photography and these two amazingly beautiful countries.  

I was lucky to see amazing landscapes and meet great people on my travels. My photographic journey gradually took me to the skies and aerial photography from small airplanes and doors-off helicopters, which I find most challenging and rewarding at the same time. Some of my photographs have been featured in National Geographic and Smithsonian, The Times, GEO and others.

My photography system is based on wonderful Fujifilm cameras, which allow me to take great shots and have fun doing so. My main cameras are now medium format GFX50s and GFX50r with various Fujinon and adapted legacy lenses.

If you would like to collaborate and/or purchase prints of my photos contact me via e-mail: or instagram :  @andro_loria